Chicago Weekend

2 Aug


This past weekend I went on a mini-trip to Chicago with my mom and brother to move my brother into his new apartment. He lives in the Gold Coast neighborhood right near the Magnificent Mile and about five blocks away from this gorgeous view of Chicago. Unfortunately for him, he’s not really into cities, shopping or the beach. Fortunately for me, I’m into all those things. We had a pretty great weekend, so I thought I’d share some of the more fun things we did.


As soon as we arrived, I saw a girl with a Sprinkles Cupcakes bag, and my cupcake radar went haywire. Obviously this is one of the first things we did. After getting my brother settled, he took a nap, and my mom and I went shopping. Obviously there’s a ton of retail around there, and we did the basic things like Anthropologie (so expensive), Topshop (just opened!) and some other chain stores. It was mostly window shopping. We did, however, go to  the non-chain store Judy Maxwell, which is rumored to be owned by Joan Cusack. On the way home, we hit up Sprinkles and got Red Velvet, Black & White, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Milk Chocolate cupcakes for the three of us to enjoy. Yes, two of them belonged to me. Don’t judge me.


After reuniting with my brother, we went to Gino’s East for dinner (his choice) to get some Chicago deep-dish pizza. You can see my mom and brother above once we were seated, and you’ll notice the walls are literally covered in writing. Apparently that’s a thing. I whined about the wait (probably 45 minutes, which isn’t all that bad) because I was tired from shopping, but it was totally worth it. The pizza was pretty amazing, and it was so filling that I could only eat one piece despite my assertions of near starvation. My brother and mom got the famous sausage, and I got four cheese and added spinach. So good! And then we headed home for a much-needed sleep. Or at least my mom and I went to sleep. My brother went out and discovered that bars in Chicago stay open until 4 a.m.

On Sunday morning, my mom and I got up early and went to Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter for breakfast. We’d heard they have amazing croissants, and they do. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures because I devoured mine so quickly. Whoops. Just take that to mean they’re delicious. After going back to the apartment with an apple turnover in hand for my sleepy brother, we went to the Randolph Street Market for some flea market action. It’s a once-a-month market that takes place in the Plumbers Hall on Randolph Street. It was incredible. Imagine the best finds from a flea market you’ve ever had, and put them all in one place. The prices were a little steep for some things, but we came away with some treasures. It was a Sunday afternoon well spent. We spent the rest of the day lazing around and took a walk to the beach and wandered over the Sears Willis Tower, where we met up with one of my good friends from Pittsburgh. Fun fact: The Willis Tower is the tallest building in the United States. That basically concludes our trip. We drove back home early Monday morning and started missing my brother before we even got to Pennsylvania.


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