Tiny Knitted Things

16 Jan


My latest knitting obsession is these tiny little guys that I can crank out in about an hour each. Seriously, how cute are they? You use size 1 needles for these babies, and it’s actually like knitting with toothpicks. I made the chicken and elephant for myself, but I’ve been giving them to friends as tiny gifts when I visit lately. All of the patterns are from this book, and I highly recommend it if you’re an intermediate knitter.



I got this book for Christmas, and I’m pretty much obsessed. I wouldn’t say the projects are terribly difficult, but they do require a little more than beginner knowledge. I ordered some size 1 double-pointed needles, a tiny crochet needle (for inevitable mistakes) and a slew of fingering yarn, and I think I’m set to make about a million of these guys. The only hurdle left is to figure out what to do with them aside from admiring them. Brooches? Magnets? Keychains?

photo 3 copy

I made this little dino when I met up with a friend in the hottest of new hot spots — the allergist’s office. We unintentionally coordinated appointment times, and we got to bond over receiving allergy shots. She thought this dinosaur was a tadpole at first but was pretty thrilled regardless. Is anyone else out there obsessed with these fellows? I can’t make enough of them.


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