Knitting Project: Braided Headwrap

22 Feb

DIY Braided Headwrap | Tea Time & Tulle

This is one of my favorite knitting patterns I’ve found. The headwrap above is the third I’ve made so far, and it was a perfect pattern to use with this yarn. And bonus: It’s really simple to make. Even a beginner could do this project easily. It’s knit in the round —  the most difficult skill involved — which makes it quite thick and really warm. If you know how to knit a little or a lot and you’re looking for a pattern to try, make it this one.

DIY Braided Headwrap | Tea Time & Tulle

You can find a free PDF for this pattern on Ravelry here. The skills you need are casting on, knitting, and knitting in the round. If you don’t know how to do any of these things, try using any of the videos on this site. Knitting in the round on double-pointed needles is under “Advanced Techniques.” To make the basic structure of this headwrap, all you need to do is knit a giant tube. I used Mountain Colors River Twist yarn in Firehole River. It’s a really beautiful yarn, but I’ve also used Malabrigo Worsted. For this project, because the Mountain Colors yarn is a smaller gauge than what’s suggested in the pattern, I used size 7 needles and cast on 20 stitches. If you’re using Malabrigo Worsted (or something similar), you’d use size 10.5 needles and CO 14 sts as the pattern suggests. After casting on, literally all you do is knit in the round until it measures around your head three times. Bam. Done. Bind off.

DIY Braided Headwrap | Tea Time & Tulle

Once you have your finished tube, divide it into thirds and pin the first third into a loop. This should also measure one wrap around your head.

DIY Braided Headwrap | Tea Time & Tulle

Now here’s where it gets a little more confusing. With the second third of the loop, start by making a crisscross with the second layer on top of the first layer, with the crisscross going from right to left, and pin it down. Make five more crisscrosses (for a total of six) alternating directions each time. This means the second one will go left to right, the third right to left, etc

DIY Braided Headwrap | Tea Time & Tulle

For the final third of your headwrap, start by taking the piece to the left — don’t twist it! — and feed it to the right under the first section, through the space, and over the second section. Then continue doing this through all the crisscrosses you just made, always going under the first section and over the second but alternating directions. Be sure never to twist the tube. All the pieces should lay flat against one another. Once your end piece meets up with your beginning piece, all that’s left to do is seam them together. Before you do this, make sure all the pieces are flat! Once you’re sure nothing is twisted, use the mattress stitch to seam the ends together.

DIY Braided Headwrap | Tea Time & Tulle

Ta-da! You’ve made the perfect headwrap. It’s pretty enough to distract from (ahem) the grossest ponytails and the darkest of under-eye circles! Pretty impressive for a headwrap.

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