DIY Disney Vacation Mini Scrapbook

11 Mar

Tea Time & Tulle | DIY Disney Vacation Scrapbook

A few weeks ago, my family and I went down to Orlando for a long weekend at Disney. There’s a part of me that really likes scrapbooking and another part that really likes taking pictures and a whole other part that was just really excited about Disney. So I took all of that and decided to make this mini scrapbook project. It started from a desire to have a small notebook to carry around for character autographs, and it evolved into what I think is a really great way to save memories from any vacation.

Tea Time & Tulle | DIY Disney Vacation Scrapbook

This is basically all it took to do this project. I bought an unlined Moleskine for the actual book. I like Moleskines because they have the elastic strap to hold it together, and they have a pocket in the back where I kept little mementos throughout the trip. I also bought some cute letters, a few packs of Disney-themed dimensional scrapbook stickers and this set of Disney chipboard pieces. I used the Adhesive Dot Roller to stick the chipboard pieces to the pages, and I used the Photo Splits for pictures and other memorabilia. If you want to create this project as inexpensively as possible, I wholeheartedly recommend just using the chipboard pieces and some lettering. This also would keep the scrapbook from being so thick in the end.

Tea Time & Tulle | DIY Disney Vacation Scrapbook

Obviously I’m not going to use a whole Moleskine for a weekend trip, so I started off with the year of this vacation so I can use it on the next trip as well. I saved literally everything that might make for an interesting page, so I had our boarding passes to start the scrapbook.

Tea Time & Tulle | DIY Disney Vacation Scrapbook

We spent a day in Hollywood Studios, a day at Universal Studios and a day at Magic Kingdom, so I divided the book into these three sections. For each day, I forced (yes, forced) my family members to take note of their favorite things to add to each section of the scrapbook alongside a picture from the day.

Tea Time & Tulle | DIY Disney Vacation Scrapbook

I saved ticket stubs and unused FastPasses to add to the book and use as introductory pages to each day. Also, in case you’re wondering, we are in fact wearing matching T-shirts. We custom ordered them from this Etsy shop before we left, and I like to think they make for pretty cute pictures.

Tea Time & Tulle | DIY Disney Vacation Scrapbook

I made sure to take pictures with every character we met so I could put images along with the signature. This leads to the only difficulty I experienced. I wasn’t sure how to space the signatures to make sure I had enough room in the book for all the photos from each day in between. I just made a wild guess, and it somehow worked. It might be better to just have all the signatures at the beginning of the book and then have the actual scrapbook section following.

Tea Time & Tulle | DIY Disney Vacation Scrapbook

I forced myself to take pictures (or have pictures taken) as much as possible. I kept my camera out of my bag whenever possible, and that really helped. When I went to actually print the pictures, I got them all wallet-sized so they’d fit perfect inside this Moleskine.

I think I used about a third of the Moleskine on this three-day trip, so if you have plans for a week-long vacation, you could probably use up an entire notebook. I loved that this was small enough to throw into my backpack with a few Sharpies, and it didn’t take up too much space or add a lot of weight. If you don’t want to spend the money to get a Moleskine, you can use any blank notebook, but I recommend getting one with some sort of elastic closure. It really helps keep the book together once you put the dimensional stickers inside. If you decide to do this, make sure you save everything interesting. I saved stickers from the 50s Prime Time diner in Hollywood Studios, ticket stubs, confetti from a parade, everything that might be useful.

What’s your favorite way to save memories from a vacation?


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