DIY Removable Friendship Bracelets

1 Apr

DIY Removable Friendship Bracelets | Tea Time & Tulle

A few months ago, I bought some friendship bracelets at Paper Source in DC to share with my sister. We’ve been wearing them ever since, so the ends started to look a little tattered. And being a (semi-)adult, sometimes I just don’t want to wear an embroidery floss bracelet with fraying ends. After gathering some inspiration from this post on How About Orange, I decided to change our friendship bracelets into something that could be taken on and off. I figured this would extend the length of their lives (and my friendship with my sister — that’s how these bracelets work, right?) and allow me to sometimes appear to be an adult. Read on to see how I did this simple DIY.

DIY Removable Friendship Bracelets | Tea Time & Tulle

Here are the materials (for one bracelet):

  • A wearable symbol of friendship
  • Lobster clasp and jump ring
  • Larger jump ring
  • Two crimp beads
  • Tiny pliers

I found all of these things in my mom’s enormous bead collection, so there might be a better crimp bead out there than what I used. Basically anything that crimps will work on your bracelet project, so you can choose whatever appeals to you. You can find this sort of thing on Etsy or any type of real-life or online bead store.

DIY Removable Friendship Bracelets | Tea Time & Tulle

The first step is to attach the smaller jump ring to the lobster clasp, and slip it onto the end of the bracelet. I actually just opened up the jump ring and slid the bracelet into it rather than trying to thread it.

DIY Removable Friendship Bracelets | Tea Time & Tulle

Once that’s done, slide the clasp to where you want it to sit on the bracelet, and form a little loop by folding the bracelet. Attach a crimp bead around both the strings using your tiny pliers.


Now slide the larger jump ring onto the other side of the bracelet, and attach a crimp bead the same way you did for the other end. When doing this end, be sure to measure the bracelet around your wrist to make sure you get a proper fit.  To finish the project, trim the ends short, and use a bit of glue or clear nail polish to keep the edges from fraying.


Now you can wear your bracelets all the time and show your friendship pride! Or, you know, not.


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