Apple Crumb Crostata: An Easy Alternative to Pie

8 Oct

First of all, accept my humblest apology for my semi-absence these past few weeks. I now work at a produce market that lives on an apple orchard, and it’s busy times for apple sellers. Everyone suddenly realized that it’s fall once it got a little colder, and they all really want apples. But I have returned, and I come bearing an apple dessert. This apple crumb crostata is basically a hybrid of apple crisp and apple pie. My mom likes to say it’s the lazy man’s version of apple pie. For those of you who have an aversion to homemade pie crust, this is your entry point. This recipe is easy to make, and anyone who eats it will be as impressed as if you’d made an actual pie. I promise.

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Homemade Pesto: What happens with an overgrown herb garden

21 Sep

I’ve had a pretty crazy week. I started a new job, and I’ve been helping my mom down at work, so my free time has been minimal. Let’s not even talk about how TV season is back, and I somehow became one of those people who watches 10 shows every week. I blame Netflix. So when I have free time, I am a total couch potato. However, the herb garden out back has been screaming at me all week to do something with it. The basil was saying, “Sarah! It’s getting so cold at night! There’s so much of me, and I’m going to diiie!” In response, I ripped all that basil’s leaves off and made it into pesto. Yum. That’ll show you for whining, basil. I’ve never made pesto before, but it was surprisingly easy and really delicious.

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DIY Animal Butts and Heads Magnets

7 Sep

We had a garage sale a few weeks ago, and I salvaged these animal figurines from the Goodwill pile to make into magnets. I’ve seen these around the Internet for a while now, and I didn’t think it’d be that difficult to recreate them. To my delight, this project ended up being extremely inexpensive as well as easy. A win-win. If you want to make your own animal butts and heads magnets, read on. I promise it’ll be pretty painless.

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Peach Crisp

31 Aug


I bought some peaches about a week ago because they just looked beautiful and delicious. And then I went out of town for the weekend and found myself with six peaches quickly approaching their demise. To use them up, I decided to make a peach crisp. I didn’t actually have a recipe for this, so I improvised and used my favorite apple crisp recipe and just substituted apples for peaches. It worked out pretty well if I do say so. Now let’s talk about this recipe.

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Peach Jam and More Lessons Learned

24 Aug

When I went to the farmer’s market with my mom a few days ago, I saw some really beautiful peaches and a woman selling peach jam. And then of course I said, “I need to make my own peach jam!” So here we are. Jam number three this summer. My sister tells me I’m starting to go a little crazy on the jam front, but I honestly don’t think there is such a thing. So allow me to tell you my escapades in making peach jam, which was by far the most difficult jam I’ve made yet. I think this has more to do with me being a moron rather than the difficulty of the recipe.

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Banana Bread: What I Do with Brown Bananas

17 Aug

First of all, I want to apologize in advance for the truly mediocre pictures on this post. I used my iPhone rather than my actual camera out of sheer laziness for all but the above photo. It felt like a lot of work to make banana bread, so I didn’t feel like being artsy as well. Moving on. When eating bananas, I personally like them a little on the starchy side. Just before they start to get brown spots is pretty perfect. However, once bananas (preferably three bananas) start to get a little too brown, I  just let ’em get full-on brown until they look a little disgusting. Why? Because then it’s banana bread time. The really brown bananas are perfect because they’re very sweet at this point and also have a nice mushy texture — perfect for baking.

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DIY Make Your Own Hula Hoops

10 Aug

A few weeks ago, I went to a flea market and saw someone selling handmade hula hoops for $30. Instead of buying one, I thought, “I can totally make those!” And thus began my journey to make my own hula hoops. In retrospect, I probably should’ve just shelled out $30 for one of her hoops. This process is both expensive and a little time-consuming, but I suppose it was a learning experience. Plus my color-matching skills are way better than that woman’s. Yeah, I totally aced kindergarten. Ultimately I guess I ended up with a prettier hoop. And then eight more hoops that I don’t know what to do with. If you want to make a lot of hula hoops for a party or some other reason, totally do this. If you want one single hoop, totally don’t do this. Or at least read on for how to do this in a more economic fashion.

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