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DIY Removable Friendship Bracelets

1 Apr

DIY Removable Friendship Bracelets | Tea Time & Tulle

A few months ago, I bought some friendship bracelets at Paper Source in DC to share with my sister. We’ve been wearing them ever since, so the ends started to look a little tattered. And being a (semi-)adult, sometimes I just don’t want to wear an embroidery floss bracelet with fraying ends. After gathering some inspiration from this post on How About Orange, I decided to change our friendship bracelets into something that could be taken on and off. I figured this would extend the length of their lives (and my friendship with my sister — that’s how these bracelets work, right?) and allow me to sometimes appear to be an adult. Read on to see how I did this simple DIY.

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DIY Disney Vacation Mini Scrapbook

11 Mar

Tea Time & Tulle | DIY Disney Vacation Scrapbook

A few weeks ago, my family and I went down to Orlando for a long weekend at Disney. There’s a part of me that really likes scrapbooking and another part that really likes taking pictures and a whole other part that was just really excited about Disney. So I took all of that and decided to make this mini scrapbook project. It started from a desire to have a small notebook to carry around for character autographs, and it evolved into what I think is a really great way to save memories from any vacation.

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DIY Make Your Own Hula Hoops

10 Aug

A few weeks ago, I went to a flea market and saw someone selling handmade hula hoops for $30. Instead of buying one, I thought, “I can totally make those!” And thus began my journey to make my own hula hoops. In retrospect, I probably should’ve just shelled out $30 for one of her hoops. This process is both expensive and a little time-consuming, but I suppose it was a learning experience. Plus my color-matching skills are way better than that woman’s. Yeah, I totally aced kindergarten. Ultimately I guess I ended up with a prettier hoop. And then eight more hoops that I don’t know what to do with. If you want to make a lot of hula hoops for a party or some other reason, totally do this. If you want one single hoop, totally don’t do this. Or at least read on for how to do this in a more economic fashion.

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Guest Post: DIY Triforce Cut-out T-shirt Alteration

2 Aug

Today, you’re in for a treat: The amazing, fantastic mega-awesome Michelle (sister of Sarah) is visiting Tea Time & Tulle for an easy way to repurpose T-shirts with a slightly nerdy twist.

If there’s one thing I enjoy more than the Legend of Zelda, it’s not being naked all the time.  Luckily for me, sometimes these joys coincide with awesome T-shirts.  Not so luckily, this shirt is from my smaller years and was on the road to becoming the culprit in an asphyxiation case.  After a few restless nights of brainstorming, I realized that cutting holes in shirts generally makes them larger.  So don’t throw away that old, beloved T-shirt just yet; there may be hope for it still. Continue reading

DIY Rooting and Potting Plants

26 Jul

Recently the giant, beautiful Jade Plant in my house spontaneously fell over and lost a few limbs in the process. Luckily it survived the fall, but the limbs weren’t able to be reattached. Because, you know, it’s a plant. In this house, we can’t bear to throw out plants that could be rooted and given new life, so today I’m going to talk you through the process of rooting (and subsequently potting) plants. It’s a great way to get more plants and thus have more leafy green friends in your house without having to buy more plants. This particular Jade has at least two children (and soon to be more) in the house. Now onto the process.

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DIY Colorful Bobby Pins

25 Jul

I thought it would be a good idea to grow my bangs out this summer. I’m currently in a phase where they look awkward as bangs, and I can’t quite tuck them behind my ears. So I’ve been making use of bobby pins. The sad part is that my bobby pins are boring colors, and I lose them all the time. Here is the solution: bobby pins + nail polish. When I lose one of these, I can make another in five minutes. And yes, I’ve already lost some. This project hardly requires any sort of tutorial because it’s so easy, but I’ll give it to you anyway.

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