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Cinnamon Butter Puffs: Lazy Saturday Breakfast

4 Mar

Tea Time & Tulle | Cinnamon Butter Puffs

Saturday morning I woke up wanting to make breakfast. But I didn’t want to sit around and wait for bread to rise, and I didn’t want to go to the grocery store. I dug out my favorite cookbook of all time — The Breakfast Book — and I found this perfect recipe. They were done less than an hour after I woke up, and they’re delicious. These puffs are a little more dense than normal muffins, but they’re sweet without being too sweet and have a subtle nutmeg flavor. I’m in love.

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Blackberry Lemon Thyme Scones for the London Olympics

27 Jul

To celebrate the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, I wanted to make an appropriately English snack. The appropriate snack was pretty obvious — tea with scones. Nevermind that they start at 7:30 p.m. It’s afternoon tea somewhere. This is the first time I’ve made scones, and I think they turned out pretty great. I’ll warn you now: It’s a sticky process. The recipe I chose is Blackberry Lemon Thyme Scones, and you can find the recipe here. I obviously used the variation rather than the original Blueberry version, but I imagine the latter is also delicious.

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Excess Strawberries

24 Jul

As I said before, I had way too many strawberries. After making jam, I still had enough strawberries to make a few other recipes. And I’m also here to share them (in short) with you.

Strawberry Cake:


My first endeavor was strawberry cake. You can find the recipe here. It’s a really quick and easy recipe to make, and it’s great alone or served with whipped cream or ice cream. The thing to remember when making this cake is not to be shy about shoving the strawberries in the top. Really crowd them in as much as possible.

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Strawberry Jam / Hello

24 Jul

ImageToday, over a month after I actually completed this project, I’m going to talk about making Strawberry Jam. I know, I know. Strawberries aren’t even in season anymore. I promise I’ll be more prompt in the future. Now that you’ve forgiven me, let’s move on.
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